Blocks for everyday use.
[P:BLOCK] block lunch box was born as a result of expanding the image of cute blocks with items that can be used on a daily basis.
In addition to the characteristic form, we also paid attention to coloring and ease of use.


ー Healthy Lifestyle

We support your lifestyle so that you can enjoy your lunch time while managing your daily physical condition.

The P:BLOCK bento box is designed so that a cold insulator can be set. In order to maintain good health, it is important to have a lunch time that suits your physical condition, whether you are at the office or on the go. In order to have a fun lunchtime, we have a pop and fun color development and a size development that can be selected according to the capacity.

Nutrients don't just have to be taken blindly. It is important to take what the body needs in the amount it needs. Packing a bento will help you understand the proportions of staple food, main dish, and side dish, making it easier for you to grasp your own nutritional balance. Also, since the lunch box has a fixed capacity, you can prevent overeating and naturally support a reasonable diet.

PBLOCK with a cooling agent is compatible with the use of microwave ovens and dishwashers so that it can be used easily every day. We believe that easy and convenient use is an important point in our daily lives.


ー Jananese Craftsmanship

We are thinking about passing on the traditional Japanese industry to the next generation by sticking to traditional techniques.

P:BLOCK has applied the technology to a bento box so that anyone can enjoy traditional Japanese coating techniques without hesitation, regardless of age. With the pop form of blocks, even small children will have more opportunities to come into contact with traditional techniques naturally, and their interest and curiosity will expand further.

Craftsmen hand-apply the layers according to the technique of "Yamanaka Lacquerware", which has a history of over 400 years. By painting with advanced painting technology, smoother and more vivid colors are possible. The reason why painting is nerve-wracking is that subtle color changes occur in the paint over time. It is very difficult to apply a uniform thickness, and color unevenness is likely to occur with a machine. Reproducing all the same colors manually requires experience and skill. After a long trial and error, I succeeded in using the traditional lacquer technique for my everyday bento box.
*Some products are not painted.

I use an original design exclusive type. It is common to use a widely used mold for the production of bento boxes. However, it was not possible to reproduce the characteristic form of the block, so we designed the original mold from scratch.

1- Characteristic form

2- Vivid paint finish

3- Microwave & dishwasher safe

4- Production in the production area of ​​lacquer

Can be used even from the 1st stage

-A feeling of size that can be used by children in nursery school and elementary school

- Does not rattle even when rubber is passed through