About Ecorip

Ecorip is an upcycle brand that recycles used PET bottles using special technology and uses recycled fibers.
We aim to recycle plastic bottles and upcycle them into products that are more attractive and valuable, based on ecological and ethical perspectives.
We are also very particular about quality, and every step of the way, right down to the final sewing, is done in Japan.

For reusable options instead of single use, even just some of the time, here is our solution to cut down on plastic bottle waste.


- Healthy & Beauty

Supporting a lifestyle where you can safely carry drinks, fruits, supplements, lunch boxes, etc. for a healthy life and beauty.

Ecorip has cold and thermal insulation functions, so you can safely carry drinks, fruits, lunch boxes, etc. when you go out. It can also be used for activities such as jogging and walking. There is a wide range of sizes and colors available, so you can choose one that suits your lifestyle.

Ecorip is also excellent in water repellency and lightness. It is easy to use on a daily basis. It is also fully washable and can be used cleanly at any time. The back side has a special silver coating that keeps it cold and warm.

It is said that the human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Therefore, drinking adequate amounts of water is extremely important for health and beauty.

It is recommended that adults drink approximately 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. In particular, frequent intake of room-temperature water helps increase metabolism, improves blood circulation, and further relieves swelling and improves skin moisture.


- Ecology & Sustainability

We are thinking about the future of the global environment by using recycled materials made from plastic bottles and supporting sustainable and eco-friendly living.

Ecorip uses fabrics made from recycled fibers made from recycled plastic bottles. By recycling using special technology, we have created a new material that is lightweight and has excellent water repellency.

The usage of PET bottles (plastic bottles) is increasing worldwide and is considered to be one of the causes of environmental pollution. Many of these are not recycled and end up in the natural world, such as the ocean and rivers, becoming one of the causes of environmental pollution. Furthermore, plastic accumulates in the bodies of marine animals as tiny microsticks, and there is a risk that it will eventually accumulate in humans as well through the food chain.

The impact of discarded plastic bottles is a concern not only in environmental pollution but also in health hazards. However, plastic bottles have become essential to our lives. By using fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, Ecorip is thinking about the future of the global environment together with our customers.

Major features

Cold insulation and thermal insulation OK
thin and light
water repellency
Made with recycled fibers
Hand wash OK

1- Compatible with cold and thermal insulation (silver coating on the inside)

2- Super lightweight

3- Excellent water repellency due to high-level water repellent treatment

4- Uses recycled fibers made from recycled used plastic bottles.

5- Hand washable

6- Consistent production in Japan up to the final sewing

  • Ecorip
    Cold rice ball drawstring bag

  • Ecorip
    Cold drawstring bag L

  • Ecorip
    Cold drawstring bag XL

  • Ecorip
    Cold origami pouch

  • Ecorip
    Cold drawstring sacoche

  • Ecorip
    Cool drawstring tote bag XS

  • Ecorip
    Cool drawstring zipper tote bag S

  • Ecorip
    Cool round bag S

  • Ecorip
    Cool round bag M

  • Ecorip
    Cold drawstring tote bag L

  • Ecorip
    Cool compact bottle cover

  • Ecorip
    cold drink cup holder

  • Ecorip
    cold bottle holder

  • Ecorip-dew
    Cool zipper clutch bag M

  • Ecorip-dew
    Cold drawstring bag M

  • Ecorip-dew
    Cool flat tote S

  • Ecorip-dew
    Antibacterial & deodorizing multi case

- Can be kept cold or warm. Can also be used as a lunch box holder.

- Excellent water repellency so you don't have to worry about getting wet.

- Made with environmentally friendly recycled fibers.