Goods that create a small moment of happiness in your life.

[For small comfort and pleasure]

We aim to make padou items a catalyst for small comforts and joys in our daily lives.

That doesn't mean creating items that follow the trends of the world every year.

Rather, isn't it a true comfortable lifestyle to live in your own style without being influenced by big trends?

For that reason, items need to exist as components that blend into our lives.

Don't make strong claims even though there are original designs and high functionality.

We believe that it is necessary to match the lifestyle of each person who uses the item.


Ecorip is made from recycled fibers, featuring a hand-sewn finish and lightweight yet durable design.

Available in a variety of colors to suit your personal style.

-Ecorip dew-

Its appealing design makes it not only an insulated bag but also a great choice as an everyday

It has a gusset that makes it easy to take items in and out.


We are bringing together traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art manufacturing to produce stunning P:BLOCK bento-boxes.

It was featured in various media!



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