Selected by Marie Kondo, a tidying consultant who devised the “KonMari Method”


Marie Kondo
Marie Kondo


clearing consultant.
Invented the "KonMari method" to decide what to keep based on whether it is exciting or not, and provides tidying lessons that are said to change lives by tidying up.
The book published at the end of 2010 is a million seller. As of 2019, lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine.

We selected three items from the ECORIP lineup that are easy to use in terms of size and shape.


ECORIP Insulated Drawstring Tote Bag L
(ECORIP Cooler Tote Bag L)


ECORIP Insulated drawstring bag (L)
(ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Bag L)


ECORIP Insulated Origami Pouch
(ECORIP Cooler Origami Pouch)

Cooling & thermal insulation bag "Eco-Rip"
Indispensable for carrying food around

A cold and thermal bag that is useful in a wide range of situations, from everyday shopping to commuting to work or school, mountain climbing, camping, and other outdoor activities.
The "ECORIP" series, with its timeless design, will be a must-have for the upcoming hot season.

The "ECORIP" series, which has the same cold and heat retention effect as aluminum foil, is a soft material with excellent water repellency that gently wraps items such as lunch boxes and drinks, so you can carry it around with confidence. Item.

Select 1

ECORIP Cooler Tote Bag L (ECORIP Cooler Tote Bag L)

It is a tote bag type with a bottom plate for stability and storage capacity. It's the perfect size for putting a plastic bottle or water bottle with your lunch, or for a large men's lunch.
It's simple and goes well with any outfit, so it's perfect for everyday use, from casual to suit styles.

Konmari Select 2

ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Bag (L)

It is a design that can be used in any scene because you can change the shape according to what you put inside, such as a round bento box, rice balls, sandwiches, etc. This item has a reputation for being easy to use even when you want to use it in your usual bag. Even if you put a lunch box in it, there is a little room to spare, and it has more storage capacity than it looks. You can put together a cutlery towel sheet in the bento box.

Konmari Select 3

ECORIP Cooler Origami Pouch

It's just the right size, not too small and not too big. “We have a cooler bag that can hold rice balls, but it was a little small. "I don't want to increase my luggage, so it's good not to be bulky."

Even if you don't eat as much as a bento box, it's the perfect size to put sandwiches and jelly on when you go out with your child or when you want to move around lightly. It is also attractive that it can be folded compactly if the contents are gone after eating. It is also recommended to use it not only for food but also for organizing small items.

Comment from Konmari

Eco-lip is chosen because it can be washed by hand and can be used cleanly every day, and it is an earth-friendly item made by reusing used PET bottles.
How about choosing your favorite color from a wide variety of colors and incorporating a "cold and thermal bag" into your life for the hot and humid season to come?

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