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Cleaning Consultant, which knitted


Marie Kondo


Japanese organizing consultant
She has developed the "KonMari Method" of deciding what to keep based on whether or not it attracts you, and offers tidying lessons that are said to change your life. As of 2019, she lives in Los Angeles, California. She was selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by the American magazine TIME.

From the ECORIP lineup
Three items have been selected from the ECORIP lineup that are easy to use in terms of size and shape, and introduced them to you.


ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Tote Bag L


ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Bag L


ECORIP Cooler Origami Pouch

An indispensable part of carrying food around.

The ECORIP series of cold and warm bags are useful in a wide range of situations, from everyday shopping to commuting to school and outdoor scenes such as mountain climbing and camping.
The "ECORIP" series is indispensable for the coming hot season, and the design of the "ECORIP" series will never get boring.

The "ECORIP" series has the same cooling and warming effects as aluminum foil, and the soft, water-repellent material gently wraps around the items you put in it, such as lunch boxes and drinks, making it a reliable item that you can carry around with peace of mind.

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ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Tote Bag L

This is a tote bag type with a bottom plate that provides stability and storage capacity. It is a tote bag type with a bottom plate that provides stability and storage capacity. The size is recommended for carrying a plastic bottle or water bottle along with a lunch box, or a large lunch box for men.
The bag is simple and can be worn with any outfit, making it perfect for everyday use, from casual to suit style.

Homonmo Select 2

ECORIP Cooler Drawstring Bag L

You can change the shape of the drawstring according to what you want to put inside, such as a round bento box, onigiri (rice balls), sandwiches, etc., so it can be used in any situation. This item has a good reputation for being easy to use, even when you want to use it in your regular bag. There is a little room for a bento box, so it has more storage capacity than it looks. You can put together a lunch box, cutlery, and hand towel sheets together.

Homonmo select 3

ECORIP Cooler Origami Pouch

It is not too small and not too big, but just the right size. It's not too small, but not too big either. I don't want to add to my luggage, so I prefer something less bulky.

It is the best size to hold sandwiches and jellies, even if you don't eat as well as a bento box, on days when you want to go out with your children or move around a lot to keep yourself light. It is also attractive in that it can be folded compactly when the contents are gone after a meal. It is recommended to use it not only for food but also for organizing small items.

Comments from KonMari

Another reason why ECORIP is so popular is that it can be washed by hand and used every day, and is an earth-friendly item made by recycling used PET bottles.
Why don't you choose your favorite color from a wide variety and incorporate "cold and warm bags" into your life for the coming hot and humid season?

KonMari TOKIMEKI LIFE Editorial Team

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